Erma Elzy

Director | Writer | Producer


I came to know the entertainment industry as a wide-eyed five-year old kid. I asked my Mother “How do I get in there?” referring to the television screen to which she said she didn’t have a clue. That sparked my desire and quest to know how I could and would become a part of what I had become so fascinated about.

I had always admired the beautiful love stories, lively cartoons and the high adventure of television and film. It was, in essence, in my blood. I was no stranger to drama, having grown up where beauty and dysfunction worked as one. I experienced, first hand, the pain of arguing, fighting, drug and sexual abuse. I was also no stranger to comedy, where fun and silliness had me rolling on the floor in laughter. I also experienced my beautiful Black culture filled with art, fashion, music, food, kindness, joy and plenty of love.

Not one to float through it all unscathed, I became a working, divorced student-Mom by the time I was 17. I persevered in order to make my dreams and the dreams of my family come true.

Well, I’ve succeeded in Hollywood and have had the adventure of a lifetime. Most of my career has been great and a lot of it disheartening. But I’ve discovered that too, is part of the entertainment business.

So here I am, a seasoned director, more attuned to my craft than ever. Enjoy this website. It gives you a glimpse of what I’ve done. But the only way you’ll benefit from what I can offer you, is to contact me, have me in for an interview and get to know me.