Erma Elzy

Director | Writer | Producer


Erma Elzy is an award-winning, television, stage and short feature director. As a member of the Directors Guild of America, she has worked as a sitcom director on numerous television shows for The CW (formerly UPN and WB) and the Disney Channel. An avid supporter of the film festival circuit, Elzy garnered worldwide attention for her direction of three multiple, award-winning short features: the dramas Redeemer, Room 302 and the futuristic comedy Man Made. Her stage plays include Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, and Jamal Williams' Yesterday Came Too Soon…The Dorothy Dandridge Story, an NAACP Best Director nominee. Elzy is currently co-producer of the documentary series Color-Blind Or Blinded By Color? The State Of Black Equality In America.

As a writer, Erma has co-penned two optioned screenplays titled One Wrong Step and Betty. She also wrote, produced and directed her latest short feature, Redeemer.

Elzy also mentors aspiring directors and gives back to our youth having worked as a high school Digital Film Instructor for the Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF), a public, charter school organization in Los Angeles.

A native of Los Angeles, Elzy holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cal State University and is a former television and radio Public Affairs Supervisor in the U.S. Army Reserve having worked as a Broadcaster, Director/Producer and ENG Reporter on Army news stories in the United States, Korea, Germany and Panama.